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New Prices: Innova GStar and Echo Star

This isn’t really new news, but we haven’t previously announced it. From time to time manufacturers change their prices, this usually happens at the beginning of the calendar year. Often this is a modest increase in the wholesale cost for discs, or a change in the retail pricing. This is almost always an increase.

This year, Innova due to operational efficiencies was able to lower the pricing on both GStar and Echo Star. For GStar that means that the MSRP dropped $2.00 from $17.99 to $15.99, while Echo Star dropped from $15.99 to $14.99. Our prices have matched this reduction for months now (although you’ll notice that isn’t the case for most Canadian retailers).

We have always recommended the various recycled plastics, including Echo Star as they represent some of the best value in Disc Golf, premium plastics for modest prices. This continues to be the case, but now GStar also offers an amazing value proposition when price is compared to expected durability/lifespan. There are also substantially more models available in GStar plastic than Echo Star, including a full compliment of midranges and putters (Echo Star is mostly drivers).

If you haven’t already considered GStar or Echo Star and don’t have other reasons to prefer other plastics, save yourself a few dollars on your next purchase and give them a try.