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Recent Arrivals: 18 Mar 2018

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Recent Innova Releases

Again, these are not necessarily currently in stock, but they can be acquired if you’re interested.

GStar Archon (released 10 Nov 2014)

“The Archon is a Speed 11 Distance Driver that blends the graceful long turn of the Katana with the smooth fade of the Wraith. It has been described as a longer Valkyrie. This is the disc for players looking to master their game and rule the course. Now available in gripalicious GStar, just in time for winter. Weights: 165-175g; Flight Numbers: 11/5/-2/2″

Hoodies & Long Sleeves

“Just in time for the chilly months, New Air Force Hoodies & Long Sleeve Tees will be arriving soon. The Hoodies will be offered in zip and no-zip because people are adamant about which is their favorite. We’ve partnered with RECOVER BRANDS to provide these super comfy garments made from 100% recycled materials. RECOVER apparel was a hit in the USDGC pro shop so we’ve decided to add them to our stock line. While we don’t have them in stock yet…”

LongSleeve Tee: S – XXL, Carbon, Grey, Forest, and Blue
No-Zip Hoodie: S – XXL, Grey and Blue
Full-Zip Hoodie: S – XXL, Carbon

2015 Calendars

“Our 2015 Calendars will be arriving in the next week or so. Make sure to get some for stocking stuffers and Christmas presents. Featuring 14 months of beautiful disc golf at destinations around the globe. December 2014 thru January 2016. Next year’s Majors and National Tour Events are pre-populated to help plan amazing disc golf memories.”

GStar in the Cold

“With winter already here in many parts of the country, it’s nice to have GStar available to players who don’t stop playing when they have to layer up. GStar performs well in a wide range of temperatures, but perhaps it is best appreciated when the mercury drops. GStar stays flexible at colder temps, and it still feels good in your hands when you can barely feel your fingers. Added grip can mean the difference between a miserable round and an exciting one. GStar has may options to get players throwing.

Putters: Aviar, Aviar Driver, Rhyno
Mid-Range: Roc3, Shark3, Marko3, Skeeter
Fairway Driver: Leopard, TeeBird3, TeeBird+, TL3
Distance Drivers: Archon, Beast, Boss, Daedalus, Destroyer, Dominator, Firebird, Katana, Krait, Mamba, Orc, Roadrunner, Starfire, Tern, Thunderbird, Valkyrie, Wraith”

Other recent releases

  • Glow Champion Archon: 165-175g, 11/5/-2/2
  • GStar Beast (retooled): 165-175g, 10/5/-2/2. “The Beast mold has been retooled to the original (’03) specs. GStar is the first model to utilize this retooled mold. New Beast production runs will use the retooled mold. DX, Driver Pro, Champion, and Star available in the former configuration while supplies last.
  • GStar Dominator: 165-175g, 13/5/-1/2
  • GStar Katana: 165-175g, 13/5/-3/3
  • GStar Mako3: 170-180g, 5/5/0/0
  • XT Aviar: 165-175g, 2/3/0/1 (Pro pricing: $13.99 + tax)
  • Discmania G-Line FD: 165-175g, 7/6/-1/1