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Recent Arrivals: 14 Apr 2018

Now with individual photographs:

New Arrivals

Recent restocks:

Legacy Pinnacle Phenom First Run

The Legacy Phenom is a fairway driver, rated as speed: 8, glide: 5, turn: -1, fade: 2. Pinnacle edition offers a pearly and translucent look to the plastic, has a slightly firmer feel and provides a little more stability in windy conditions compared to its icon edition counterpart.

The First Run in Pinnacle has an official release date of February 21st, 2017. At this point we’re just gauging interest to see if we should bring some in.

Legacy Pinnacle edition Phenom First Runnote: the Phenom was previously released in Icon plastic, so this is the First Pinnacle Run, but are stamped as First Runs.

VCobra Pre-Order

Innova’s newest release the VCobra:

First Run and production are:
Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 2

First Run 175-180g, Production 170-180g. So that’s an increase in speed 5 vs 4 and a decrease in turn -1 vs -2 when compared to the regular Cobra.

First Run Buzzz OS

Now accepting pre-orders for the First Run Buzzz OS, available in Z plastic only 164-178g.  Price will be $17.50/ea.

Here’s what Discraft has to say about them:

The Discraft Buzzz midrange is the world’s most popular golf disc. Today we are proud to present what is perhaps the most anticipated release in Discraft’s 35 year history: the Buzzz OS.

You depend on your Buzzz for a wide range of shots. You reach for it because of its dependable consistency, controllability and accuracy. Buzzz OS is a Buzzz, only beefier.

Has a headwind kicked up? Buzzz OS. Need a straight shot with a hard finish? Buzzz OS. Want a mid you can dependably forehand on a straight line? Buzzz OS.

The OS stands for overstable: it’s more overstable than a Wasp, much less than a Drone. And Buzzz OS is beadless; it feels like a Buzzz in your hand, lending a familiar confidence that adds up to success when the final score is tallied.

First Run Z Buzzz OS midrange

  • stability: 1.7
  • suitable for experienced players
  • weight range: 164-178 gm

Z Buzzz OS First Run

More MVP?

Looks like MVP has a new disc that they are launching (availability starting Oct 4th) the Resistor in Neutron plastic (overstable fairway driver).  Are people excited about it?  Should I be trying to bring it in for launch day?

Something else I’ve been thinking about for new disc launches (regardless of manufacturer) is bringing in some of the new disc, and getting a field somewhere where people could try it out.  Maybe charge people $1-5 to come and test out the new disc, and then afterwards do a draw for the 2-5 test discs that we used.  Is that something that people would be interested in?

If we do bring in some new MVP stuff, the options would be:

Proton: Amp, Anode, Axis, Ion, Resistor, Shock, Tangent, Tensor, Vector, Volt

Neutron: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector, Volt

Eclipse Glow: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector

Nano: Proton, Neutron or Eclipse Glow (new)

They also have Vinyl stickers, patches and gyro wristbands.

I’m happy to bring it in, if people are interested.  But if there’s no built up demand, we’ll go through some of that incoming Innova stock and add Latitude 64 before replenishing MVP.