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NSFW – JMac Fundraiser

Some of you undoubtedly know Johnny “JMac” MacDonald, and some of you won’t. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, we have a fundraiser that may interest you. We’ve partnered with DoubleRam Discs (who donated the design) and with Innova (who are making the discs) to help raise funds for JMac. Funds will be used to help fund a bucket list trip (which includes and Innova warehouse visit), with leftovers being used to pursue future treatment options.

JMac himself will have 100 DX Flat Top Rocs that he’ll be selling on his trip for US$20.

We’ll be selling the rest of the discs with proceeds going to JMac.

Here’s the stamp:

Johhny Mac road trip fundraiser


Discs are in the production queue and are expected to be available mid-late March 2017.

Remembrance Day food drive & fundraiser

Tomorrow in Langley they are running a food drive and fundraiser (for the Legion). Everyone welcome.

Remembrance Day Fundraiser

In case the poster is difficult to read:

A Round to Remember

Disc Golf Fundraiser & Food Drive

Remembrance Day: 1:30pm @ Passive Park, Langley, BC

All players are welcome to come join us in a round of 18 holes this Tuesday. We will be having a moment of silence before the round to honour our Veterans.

Entry will be $5 ($3 payout, $2 gets donated to the Legion)

Additonal Prizes!

Bring the most non-perishable food items to donate to our local foodbank and have a chance to win.

Disc Dyers?

So I may have an opportunity to acquire some blank discs, and I was thinking that maybe there are some aspiring dyers out there.  This could be a perfect match.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • you let me know that you’re interested in trying dyeing
  • I bring in some blank discs
  • you dye one (or possibly more of them)
  • I auction them off as fundraisers to support one of the many upcoming events (possibly The Disc Cellar Open, maybe a Women’s Global Event, maybe something else)

I suppose if people don’t like that idea, but want to buy some blanks and dye discs themselves and then sell or keep them, I could sell the blanks too.  Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and we’ll see if this has legs.

Also, if you’re someone who likes buying dyed or unique discs and thinks you’d be interested in buying one of the discs, feel free to comment on that too.  The idea really does fall down if at the end no one is interested in buying any of them.