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Glow Wizards (New Arrival)

We’ve restocked on Glow Wizards, but there’s only 30 so they’ll go fast! Stock up while you can. We also have some Glow Lil Wizards, but only 10!

Glow season is just around the corner, so start stocking up before it’s too late.

Gateway Stacks (Promotion)

It comes as no surprise that practice helps us improve our Disc Golf game. If practice drives you, but you don’t have enough equipment, or the right equipment. Here’s your chance! Introducing Gateway Stacks.

So how’s it work? Buy more, save more! We’re essentially sold out of all our Gateway stock, so we’re restocking, and since we’re restocking anyway, we’re giving you the chance to stock up too!

We’ve set up the ability to pre-order stacks of Magics, Voodoos, Warlocks and Wizards easily, if you want to buy a stack of another Gateway disc, email us and we’ll accommodate you. You have until noon PDT, 29 Jun 2016 to do your pre-order.

Discounts are as follows:

  • 3 Disc Stack: 5.02%
  • 5 Disc Stack: 7.95%
  • 10 Disc Stack: 11.3% (essentially buy 9, get one free)
  • 20 Disc Stack: 15.48% (essentially buy 16.5, get 3.5 free)
  • 30 Disc Stack: 20.50% (essentially buy 22, get 8 free)

We’re highlighting the main Gateway putters because their our most popular sellers, but we’ll extend this offer to the rest of their line-up, email us and we’ll hook you up.

  • Putt and Approach: Devilhawk, Warspear, Chief, Chief OS, Shaman (and of course, Magic, Voodoo, Warlock and Wizard)
  • Midrange: Mystic, Element, Scout, Karma, Warrior, Blaze, Demon
  • Fairway and Drivers: Sabre, Assassin, Apache, Samurai, Rage, Illusion, Slayer, Spirit

Make this the summer where you take practice seriously.

Gateway Stacks


These are pre-orders, we’ll order after the cut-off, so discs should be here the first week of July.

Last Chances and Some Updates

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, today is your last day to get off it and register for the Ogopogo Open this weekend in Kelowna. There’s lots of people going so you can probably carpool if that’s a deciding factor. On site camping is free, so you can keep the travel costs down.

Today is also your last chance to let us know what custom discs you’d like to see at Provincials.

We haven’t really been promoting this yet, but essentially our full disc inventory is now on-line in our store. Bags, hats, shirts, minis, stickers, etc… are not there yet, and the details and photos for the discs may be sparse, but the inventory should be accurate. Here’s where we are:

If you’re going to be in Kelowna, make your special requests today/tonight because the full inventory can’t travel with me. There may still be the odd bug in the system, but given there’s about 2,000 discs in the system hopefully you won’t encounter one. Happy shopping.

Gateway News 2015

Let’s start with the good news, new discs:

  • Devil Hawk: uses the Chief flight wing (pronounced bead) and their newest design element: an integrated “thumb track”
  • War Spear: uses the Shaman flight wing (beadless) and the “thumb track”

“The “thumb track” implementation is unique in comparison to some other discs already on the market in that it has a much more natural feel with a traditional grip.” I haven’t seen or touched the discs, but that’s what the marketing department says.

The possibly good news, or not:

  • Re-tooling of the Chief: they decided the flight pattern of the previous Chief was too similar to the Shaman (in particular after a break-in period), so this is the result. So if you like the old Chief you may want to stock up while you still can.

The bad news:

  • Wholesale pricing from Gateway is going up for all their discs, it will probably take a little while to trickle through the system, but you’ll likely end up seeing slightly higher prices for Gateway discs in the near future.

Restocking Gateway

In your player’s package at Provincials you’ll be getting a nice custom stamped stash mini set courtesy of The Disc Cellar (in addition to the other services we’re already providing).

They’ll be shipping out shortly, so we’re adding a few discs to the shipment to restock where we’re low. So if anyone has any particular requests for Gateway plastic, especially if it’s not something that we currently have in stock (e.g. non-putters, Chief or Shaman) or it’s something specific SSS Voodoo for example then let me know and I’ll bring it in for you.

Surprise: Gateway shipment coming!

This one has all come together rather quickly, but there will shortly be a truck load of Gateway arriving, featuring 19 portables and 200 discs.  The discs include all of the assorted varieties of putters that they currently make including Glow Wizards, Magic, Voodoo and Warlocks.

The shipment is scheduled to arrive just before the DCO, but as with all cross-border shipping dates they are approximate.

Assuming that it all does come together in time, you will be using the new portables during the DCO, and I think you’ll like them!

Gateway Titan Pro Portable

Sponsorship: Duck Golf Finale (Jericho)

The Disc Cellar is pleased to announce that we’re a core sponsor of the Duck Golf Finale at Jericho hosted by the Van City United DGC, and that we’ll be supplying the prizes and in-round CTPs for the event.

We expect to have a small supply of Gateway putters and Aerobie Epics (by request) in addition to a few new selections available in addition to our regular great selection.

If you’ve been saving up vouchers from previous events for one of our big ticket items: practice basket, GripEQ bag or something else specific, please give us a heads up so that we can make sure that we have enough of them at the tournament to go around.

It may come as a surprise but we’ll also be doing the prizes for the first BCDS Summer Series event The Disc Cellar Open.  At which point we expect to have a bunch of new product.


I like to try to respond to what customers want, and yesterday at the Robert Burnaby Duck Golf #2, I had 4 separate inquiries for Gateway.  Not the only time I’ve had inquiries, but it’s certainly not that common an occurrence.

So, I’m thinking of bringing in some Gateway stuff, although I’m a little reluctant to add another manufacturer to my line-up at the moment, so we’ll see.  That said, if I do bring it in, I need to decide what to bring in.  So what’s your favourite Gateway product, or what would you like to see me bring in?

Gateway’s a little more complex than others (for those who are unfamiliar with them) because their putters come in different flexibilities as well as weights and colours.


  • Magic: 160-176, Stupid Soft (SSS), Super Soft (SS), Soft, Organic, Evolution, Glow
  • Voodoo: 160-176, Stupid Soft (SSS), Super Soft (SS), Soft, Evolution, Glow
  • Warlock: 160-176, Stupid Soft (SSS), Super Soft (SS), Soft, Evolution, Glow
  • Wizard: 160-176, RFF (Really Freaking Flexible), Stupid Soft (SSS), Super Soft (SS), Soft, Organic, Evolution, Glow

Midrange & Approach Discs

  • Mystic: 160-180, “S”, Evolution
  • Element: 160-180, “S”, Evolution
  • Scout: 160-180, “S”, Evolution
  • Karma: 160-180, “S”, Evolution
  • Warrior: 160-180, “S”, Evolution
  • Blaze: 160-176, “S”, Evolution
  • Demon: 160-176, “S”, Evolution

Fairway & Long Range Drivers

  • Sabre: 160-173+, “S”, Evolution
  • Assasin: 160-173+, Evolution
  • Ninja: 160-173+, Evolution
  • Apache: 160-173+, “S”, Evolution
  • Samurai: 160-173+, “S”, Evolution
  • Diablo DT: 160-173+, Evolution
  • Illusion: 160-173+, “S”, Evolution
  • Slayer: 160-173+, Evolution
  • Speed Demon: 160-173+, Evolution
  • Spirit: 160-173+, Evolution

Light Weight (145-159g) & Ultra (139-144g)

  • Magic
  • Wizard
  • Mystic
  • Element
  • Scout
  • Karma
  • Sabre
  • Apache
  • Samurai
  • Illusion


  • Small
  • Large
  • getting a pair gives you the hideaway mini set

Keeping with Disc Cellar practices, discs would go for MSRP in Canadian funds:

  • Light Weight: $8.99
  • “S” Sure grip plastic: $11.99  (includes Soft, Super Soft, Stupid Soft)
  • “E” Evolution plastic: $17.99
  • Organic: $11.99
  • Super Glow: $16.99

So the question is, should we add Gateway as a brand we carry, and if so should we make them the 5th Full Line we carry (Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64 and MVP Disc Sports being the current 4).  Other contenders could include: Prodigy, Aerobie, Westside, Dynamic Discs, Hyzer Bomb, Discmania, Lightning and DGA (to name a few).