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Glow Wizards (New Arrival)

We’ve restocked on Glow Wizards, but there’s only 30 so they’ll go fast! Stock up while you can. We also have some Glow Lil Wizards, but only 10!

Glow season is just around the corner, so start stocking up before it’s too late.

Prodigy Glow

Prodigy now has Glow!

The first models released are the H1 and the Pa3.

Illuminate your game with Prodigy Glow. Prodigy Glow is an intense glow blend, currently available in our 400 series plastic. Even on the darkest nights, you can still light up the course. Don’t get left in the dark!

Models available starting December 2nd, 2014. Pricing will be $20.00.

Also now available from Prodigy are their toques (although they don’t call them that):

Disc Golf doesn’t stop for winter and neither should you. We’ve designed these winter hats to keep you warm on the course. Available in two styles, these 100% acrylic hats will suit everyone.

The SKULL CAP has plenty of stretch for a great fit and shape retention. It is available in Black, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Pink and Gray.

The KNIT CAP features a 3-inch folding cuff for extra warmth over the ears, branded with the Prodigy logo. It is available in Black & White.

Both models of Winter Hats are One Size Fits Most, and will be $15.

Glow Season

It’s getting to be glow season, and in the past I’ve stocked a large quantity of glow discs. I still have glow discs around, but I’m considering expanding into other products that you need for glow golf.

So here’s the question, what if anything would you like the Disc Cellar to carry in order to help you play glow golf?

  • be as descriptive as you can, feel free to include links to example products
  • what price point would it need to come in at for it to be attractive?

Also, what models of glow discs are people wanting this year? Anything I should be stocking a lot of?

I still have UV Flashlights in stock, and until I run out will be doing the following promotion:

  • Buy 4 glow discs and receive a free flashlight!

MVP Eclipse Volt

Finally MVP is starting to release their drivers in Eclipse, the first one out the door is the Volt.  The official release date for it is December 6th.  I’m accepting pre-orders for them, but am not planning on bringing any in immediately, as I recently restocked my MVP selection.  So it probably won’t be until their next new release (they average one a month).

UV Flashlights are enroute

Previously I announced a promotion where if you bought 5 glow discs you’d get a free UV flashlight, well those flashlights are finally about to ship.

To provide an abbreviated account of why they weren’t here earlier.

  1. I wanted to find a cheaper source for UV flashlights, and that search took me to China
  2. After some negotiation and searching I found a vendor and a price that sounded as though it would provide the best value
  3. I placed the order
  4. I went to my bank to wire the money, you know with a wire transfer
  5. A week later the money still hasn’t arrived in China (all those movies where they transfer billions of dollars to the kidnappers in 10 seconds, I don’t believe you any more)
  6. Turns out the bank in China rejected the wire transfer because they didn’t like the stated “purpose” of the transfer (I didn’t even realize that we needed to have a purpose for the transfer, it’s just old fashioned digital money after all)
  7. Some back and forth, and changes to the wire transfer and finally the money gets accepted by the bank in China
  8. So now that payment has been received the flashlights will be shipping tomorrow, not sure how long they will take to get here.  Original shipping was supposed to be 2-3 days, but I’ve asked them to use a cheaper shipping option since I no longer have a particular date/event I’m trying to get them in for.  Savings that I’ll then be able to pass on.  There’s a bit of a language barrier though, so we’ll see what happens.

The flashlights are supposed to be a UV model with 41 LEDs, with two modes, 1)  illuminates 21 LEDs and 2) which illuminates all 41 LEDs.  They are supposed to operate on 4 AAA.  But as I’ve learned, until you have inventoried and reviewed your shipment, never assume that what you thought you ordered is what you’ll receive, so I’ll post product pictures and details once they arrive (probably sometime next week).

UV Flashlights and Basket Lights

With the popularity of Glow Golf we’re working hard to become your destination for all of your glow supplies.  Earlier this year, the Burnaby Disc Golf Club received a grant from the BCDS, one of the items that they included in the grant request were basket lights to aid in playing during low light situations.  These basket lights have now been ordered and will be here by Oct 25th.

It seems that the best way to charge glow discs is to use a UV light, and the most convenient way to do that is with a UV flashlight.  To support the community and to prevent them from needing to purchase them on eBay or through other avenues, we’re bringing in some UV flashlights.  Expected cost for the flashlights is $15-20 (waiting on final quote), and the model chosen is supposed to have 41 UV LEDs and 2 modes, one which illuminates 21 LEDs and one which illuminates all 41.  The LEDs are expected to be in the 390-400nm UV range (blacklight), and should work great for charging your glow discs.

In addition to these items, we’re bringing in some 5″ diameter glow stickers which can be added to any regular disc in order to convert it into a glow disc.  We’re bringing in 25 of the stickers to start, and they are $5 + tax for 1, $9 + tax for 2 or $20 + tax for 5.

As a special promotion, if you buy 5 glow discs before the end of October, we’ll include a free UV flashlight.

You can reserve any of the above stuff with an email to sales@disccellar.ca