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GripEQ Bags, get ’em while you can

The GripEQ A Series bags are a hot item this week.  I have a pending sale on my third bag of the week, which will clear me out of the grey/black bags and only leave me with 3 all black bags in stock.

So if you’re looking for a GripEQ bag, might want to move sooner than later.  GripEQ themselves is out of stock until the end of March.

That said, if you’re looking for a backpack bag, I should have the Big Hyzer Bags: Ergo 2 in stock in another week or so.

Grip EQ bags in stock


The bags are in stock. MSRP on the bags is $252 with a $40 shipping charge add in exchange and you’re looking at almost $310 before any taxes or duties which bring the total bill to a little more than $345.

That said the bags are currently on sale for $176 direct from Grip EQ (after shipping and duty you’re looking at about $256).  Until the end of the year or the bags are gone we’ll sell them for $250 Canadian including taxes.

Grip EQ Bags

I’ve got a few Grip EQ bags on their way.  A half dozen to be exact, 3 black ones and 3 black and grey.  They are set to arrive on the 11th.  If you’re interested in reserving one, let me know.  I’m waiting until they arrive before I set the price as I want to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprise charges on the importing.

New Products and Special Orders

We’re very interested in serving the needs of the Disc Golf and Disc Sports community, so if we don’t have a product you’re looking for let us know, we might be able to bring it in for you.

Some of the new products we’re researching and looking to bring in for you include:

  • Backpack bags (with GripEQ being the preferred brand, although we’ll consider others if it doesn’t work out)
  • Disc Beeper (by request)
  • Fly 18 pads
  • Westside discs
  • Vibram discs
  • Keen shoes
  • Aerobie discs
  • Friction gloves

Is there anything else we should be looking at?

GripEQ reseller application

So as far as I can tell there are no resellers of GripEQ bags in Canada at this point.  I’ve applied to be a reseller so that I can bring in some of the most popular bags on the market at the moment.  And with an on-line direct from the manufacturer price of US$252, definitely a premium product.

How would you like to be able to use your prize winnings in Amateur Advanced or Intermediate towards the purchase price of a brand new GripEQ A series bag?

Well, I’m working on it.