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Recently Added: 24 Oct 2017

Here’s some new arrivals:

Here’s some items that have been recently restocked:

Halloween Glow Dubs: 21 Oct 2017

The underground event of the season is quickly coming up, once again The Disc Cellar has partnered with Innova and DoubleRam Discs to bring unique and highly desirable discs to the event.

A huge thank you goes to Innova for making this possible. We’ve got the following molds on the way:

Pre-orders available now. Discs expected next week.

Recently Added: 04 Oct 2017

Here’s some new arrivals:

Here’s some items that have been recently restocked:

Recently Added: 25 Aug 2017

Here’s some new arrivals:

Here’s some items that have been recently restocked:

GStar Roadrunner

New Prices: Innova GStar and Echo Star

This isn’t really new news, but we haven’t previously announced it. From time to time manufacturers change their prices, this usually happens at the beginning of the calendar year. Often this is a modest increase in the wholesale cost for discs, or a change in the retail pricing. This is almost always an increase.

This year, Innova due to operational efficiencies was able to lower the pricing on both GStar and Echo Star. For GStar that means that the MSRP dropped $2.00 from $17.99 to $15.99, while Echo Star dropped from $15.99 to $14.99. Our prices have matched this reduction for months now (although you’ll notice that isn’t the case for most Canadian retailers).

We have always recommended the various recycled plastics, including Echo Star as they represent some of the best value in Disc Golf, premium plastics for modest prices. This continues to be the case, but now GStar also offers an amazing value proposition when price is compared to expected durability/lifespan. There are also substantially more models available in GStar plastic than Echo Star, including a full compliment of midranges and putters (Echo Star is mostly drivers).

If you haven’t already considered GStar or Echo Star and don’t have other reasons to prefer other plastics, save yourself a few dollars on your next purchase and give them a try.

NSFW – JMac Fundraiser

Some of you undoubtedly know Johnny “JMac” MacDonald, and some of you won’t. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, we have a fundraiser that may interest you. We’ve partnered with DoubleRam Discs (who donated the design) and with Innova (who are making the discs) to help raise funds for JMac. Funds will be used to help fund a bucket list trip (which includes and Innova warehouse visit), with leftovers being used to pursue future treatment options.

JMac himself will have 100 DX Flat Top Rocs that he’ll be selling on his trip for US$20.

We’ll be selling the rest of the discs with proceeds going to JMac.

Here’s the stamp:

Johhny Mac road trip fundraiser


Discs are in the production queue and are expected to be available mid-late March 2017.

Roctoberfest presented by Innova: PDGA Update

We expect that the rounds from Roctoberfest presented by Innova will be included in the 15 Nov 2016 ratings update. All stuff has been submitted to the PDGA.

If you’re curious what a TD Report looks like you can see it here (Roctoberfest presented by Innova TD Report).

You may notice that the individual payouts in the amateur divisions are relatively small, that’s intentional, and a byproduct of providing all amateur players with player’s packages.

Roctoberfest presented by Innova: Final Results

Final results are posted on the PDGA web site: Roctoberfest presented by Innova. If you were a participant please double check to make sure that your PDGA number (if you have one) is not missing. Also please verify that your total score is in fact accurate.

Congratulations goes first and foremost to all participants for braving the scary forecast to play in totally reasonable conditions. Thank you to Innova for sponsoring the event and the great player’s packages! Also thank you to The Disc Cellar for organizing the event and the Left Coast Cup series.

The next Left Coast Cup series event is:

  • Mayhem at the Meadows in Penticton (29 Oct 2016) registration open now
  • the Squamish Open in Squamish (19 Nov 2016) registration open probably later this week

Series points will be tabulated and posted later this week.

Winners for the day were:

  • MPO: Miguel Alvarado
  • MA1: Brett Hislop
  • MM1: Michael Ramanauskas (Disc Cellar sponsored player)
  • MG1: Rob Gillette
  • MA2: Christian Tasse
  • FA2: Robin Darling
  • MA3: Bryan Smith
  • MA4: Thiago Crevatin Azevedo
  • MJ4: Ezekiel Salmon

Thank you to everyone who helped verify scores, moved baskets, did course maps, flagged the course, etc… Disc Golf events are not possible without you, you’re AWESOME!

Roctoberfest this Saturday: PDGA C-Tier

It’s official, Roctoberfest presented by Innova at Passive Park is a PDGA C-Tier event, so you’ll earn a player’s rating, and PDGA points in addition to the Left Coast Cup series and club points that you’ll earn. Amateurs will get a $65 player’s package.

Pre-registration closes tonight at midnight, if we’re not full, day of registration will be allowed (but costs $5 more).

Player’s meeting at 9:30am, first round at 10am. We should be done by about 5pm.

Rocktoberfest presented by Innova course map

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