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Exobot 1 First Contact

Exobot 1 First Contact

We’ve been teasing this for weeks through social media, and if you look back through our old unboxing videos you’ll find mentions, and hints, but now it’s finally here: RELEASE DAY!

Exobot 1 First Contact – is a Disc Cellar exclusive design produced by DoubleRam Disc on Innova discs. This is the first release in what we expect to be a series of designs. This first release is available in 4 models:

  1. Limited Edition – Innova Star Aviar3, all discs are numbered, bagged with header that includes artist signature, First Contact story and disc number (38 produced)
  2. First Release – Innova Star Shryke (20 produced)
  3. First Release – Innova Champion RocX3 (20 produced)
  4. First Release – Innova XT Nova (25 produced)

These stamped beautifully and will work equally well as collectors or throwers.

When it first appeared, there was awe and wonder. It stood amongst us, unmoving, cold, and silent. This way it remained for most of a generation. When the mute sentinel abruptly began to make it’s presence known, the world’s revelry at not being alone in the Universe came to an abrupt and terrifying end.

Why are we calling this a “First Release”, because we reserve the right to re-print the stamp in the future, subsequent releases will be Second Release or Second Editions. There may be future limited editions (they would be different and distinguished from these ones). The goal here is to have a beautiful stamp, to have it be collectable, to tell a story, launch a series, but also to be able to reproduce the early works in the future so that those who miss out, or find the Exobot later will have an opportunity to own the entire collection, they just may be mass market models instead of these first editions.

Nova, Champ Atlas and Holiday editions

I haven’t seen big demand for the Atlas, so I’m not really expecting huge demand for the Nova, but you never know.  Release date for all of these is December 2nd, I’ll accept pre-orders, but might not have another regular Innova order before the end of the year.

The Holiday Nova and Holiday Champion Atlas are limited edition discs (the most a dealer can bring in is 25 of each).

Nova: “The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology.  The rim uses a grippy putter Pro plastic, which is fused to a stiff, firm Pro center section.  The Nova has a stable flight that is amazingly predictable whether thrown hard or smooth. The dual-material tends to deaden blows with objects, especially chains, making it a great putter.  The stability and low glide allow it to work well for approaches.  The Nova was designed to inspire more confidence when putting.  The goal is to extend that “gimme” range for putts, and allow for longer throw in attempts without the fear of going too far past.  The Nova is a game changer.” – Innova, MSRP: $16.99

Weights: 165-175g; Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 0

Champion Atlas: “The exciting follow up to the Atlas, now with see through stiff Champion flightpate.  The Champion Atlas was designed with a stiffer flightplate, giving it slightly more stability and drop dead gorgeous looks.  Pricing is identical to the Star Atlas.” – Innova, MSRP: $19.99

Weights: 165-180g; Speed: 5, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 1