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Recent Arrivals: 18 Mar 2018

New Arrivals:

Recent restocks:

Provincials Custom Stamped Discs

The Disc Cellar along with Michael Ramanauskas have teamed up with Provincials this year to bring you a commemorative disc in some of the most sought after molds from Innova!

They are available for pre-order now through The Disc Cellar’s online store! There are 8 different discs to choose from, with at least 20 of each being available. The discs have been ordered, but will be arriving just in time for Provincials, so these are pre-order. In the store, there are two FREE SHIPPING options, one is in store pick-up, the other is delivery at Provincials. If you pre-order you guarantee that a disc will be put aside for you.

Because we don’t physically have the discs yet, you get to pre-order with the same granularity as we get to use on the custom order form, so we cannot at this time guarantee exact weights or colours.

Assuming that we don’t sell out during the pre-order phase, discs will be available for purchase at Provincials, and if there are any left, through The Disc Cellar until inventory is gone.

Your disc choices are:

  1. DX Roc
  2. R-Pro XD
  3. XT Colt
  4. Champion Metal Flake Gator (Flat Topped)
  5. Champion Metal Flake Tern
  6. I-Dye Champion TeeBird
  7. Coloured Glow Champion Tern
  8. Coloured Glow Champion Thunderbird

With the exception of the DX Roc and the XT Colt, none of the above discs are available as regular stock production models from Innova, and are only available custom stamped for events. So stock up while you can!

Here’s some mock-ups of what the stamp might look like on the disc (note: this are mock-ups of the actual design superimposed on a picture of an actual Innova disc [Champ Thunderbird] and will differ from the final product).

Tern Headquarters

By a large margin our best-selling disc since The Disc Cellar opened has been the Innova Tern.  As such, we’re taking things to the next step and we’ll be your destination for Terns for the summer season.  As part of our custom order for The Disc Cellar Open we’re bringing in lots of Terns, here’s a peak (actual arrivals may differ slightly from the order):

  • Star Tern: (173-75: 15, 170-2: 5, 165-9: 5)
  • Champion Tern: (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5, 165-9: 5)
  • Gummy Champion Tern: (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5, 165-9: 5)
  • Glow Champion Tern: (173-5: 25)
  • Champion Metal Flake Tern: (173-5: 15, 170-2: 5, 165-9: 5)
  • Echo Star Tern: (173-5: 15, 170-2: 5, 165-9: 5)
  • Star Lite Tern: (151-59: 10, 140-50: 8, 130-9: 7)
  • G-Star Tern (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5)

For good measure we’re getting a couple of other sexy discs too:

  • Glow KC Pro Aviar: (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5)
  • Glow KC Pro Roc [Rancho]: (178-80: 17, 173-5: 8)
  • R-Pro XD: (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5)
  • G-Star Destroyer: (173-5: 20, 170-2: 5)

Metal Flake Terns are flying off the shelves

At the moment it looks like there’s a good chance we’ll need to order more of the Champion Metal Flake Terns, they only arrived 36 hours ago and we’ve already sold 14/25.  We’ll probably bring in some more stock Champion Terns at the same time, and whatever other Innova discs people need but which aren’t currently in stock.

Edit: (03 Nov 2013) out of blue ones, there are actually only 4 left, but I’m not sure what the weights are on them.

Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 167 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 168 2 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 169 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 170 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 171 4 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 172 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 172 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Red 175 7 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)
Innova Tern Champion Metal Flake Blue 175 1 $25.00 Skelly Duck (BDGC TFR)

Burnaby CFR/TFRs are in! Pumpklops too.

If you’re looking for some Burnaby Fundraiser discs, they are in now.  Prices are $25/disc for the CFR/TFR discs.  For glow discs the “colour” refers to the stamp colour (the disc colour is “glow”).

Pumpklops discs are: DX $15, Star Tern $22, Atlas $25.

Full list after the jump,  Continue reading Burnaby CFR/TFRs are in! Pumpklops too.

Next Innova Order: Burnaby CFR

The next Innova order that’s coming is the Burnaby CFR order, should be here by the end of the month, perhaps as early as Oct 25th.  If there’s a stock Innova disc that you want, that I don’t currently have in stock, I can bring it in with this order, but let me know ASAP.

The Burnaby CFR order consists of:

  •  Glow Champion Eagle X: 25 x 173-175g
  • Glow Champion Rhyno: 5 x 170-172g, 20 x 173-175g
  • Glow Champion Roc3: 15 x 173-175g, 10 x 178-180g
  • Glow Champion Tern: 25 x 173-175g

Additionally, there are some TFR discs coming in as well (same stamp):

  • Gummy Champion Rhyno: 12 x 170-172g, 13 x 173-175g
  • Champion Metal Flake Tern: 5 x 165-169g, 10 x 170-172g, 10 x 173-175g

Pricing for the discs has not yet been finalized, but if there’s something you’d like to reserve, you can let me know now, and you can change your mind once pricing is confirmed.

Pumpkin Discs? Metal Flake Roc3?

There’s a few special discs available from Innova this month.  These are discs that probably are not generally available locally (at least one of mold, plastic or stamp).  So I’m trying to gauge whether there’s demand for these items.  Basically, should I bring them in, or would these just sit on my shelf?

Collegiate Metal Flake Roc3 (Speed: 5, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 3) only available in 178-180g.  These are fundraiser discs, so I’m not sure what the exact pricing is.  But for now let’s assume $20.

Pumpkin discs, these are limited run, this year the design is “Pumclops”, available in the following molds (black discs have orange stamps, orange discs have black stamps):

  • Orange DX Aviar
  • Orange DX Roc3 (first time wide availability as a DX)
  • Black Star Tern
  • Black/Orange or Orange/Black Atlas (flight plate/rim colour)

Collegiate Metal Flake Roc3 Pumpclops Aviar Pumpclops Tern Pumpclops Atlas