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Restocking: Latitude 64 and Westside

It’s time again for me do some restocking, first up on the block is Latitude 64 and Westside (still not going to be carrying the full line). Expectation is that I’ll be able to get these ones in for Provincials. So if you’ve got special requests get them in ASAP.

In the near term, I need to do orders with Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, DGA, Millennium, MVP, Axiom and Prodigy. I’ll probably also need to do some bag restocking, as I’m running low on most bags, especially the backpack bags.

So now is the time to get those requests in. If you really want something, but can’t swing it right now, we can figure out some sort of lay away plan or something.

More Bags and some Discs

Bag order from Dynamic Discs is here, so here’s what’s new to the inventory:

  • Dynamic Discs Ranger bag (backpack) x 2
  • Latitude 64 Deluxe bag (backpack) x 1
  • Dynamic Discs Soldier bag x 2 (Fracture red or orange)
  • Dynamic Discs Cadet bag x 25 (Fracture red, orange, blue, chartreuse, or pink)
  • Dynamic Discs Straps x 4
  • Latitude 64 Straps x 2

On the disc front:

  • Dynamic Discs Start Set x 3 (includes Classic Blend Judge, Bio Fuzion Suspect and Bio Fuzion Escape)
  • Millennium Omega AP Supergrip Approach (1.13), 175g, aqua
  • Millennium Omega AP Big Bead Supergrip Approach, 170g, aqua
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Purple/White, 164g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Orange/Red, 172g
  • Axiom Proton Envy, Green/Red, 173g
  • Axiom Proton Inspire, Yellow/White, 160g
  • Axiom Neutron Inspire, Orange/White, 170g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Red, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, White, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Blue, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Pink, 171g
  • MVP Neutron Tesla, Green, 173g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Blue, 174g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Black, 171g x2
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Green, 169g
  • MVP Neutron Impulse, Yellow, 169g

Prodigy restock scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and Prodiscus stuff is on its way to Canada, ETA, your guess is as good as mine.

Millennium approved

That was easy, I am now able to order Millennium Golf Discs (and bags).  Given that I’m currently fielding custom orders from Prodigy, Innova and MVP as well as doing some general restocking, it might be a little while before I place an order.  That said, minimum wholesale order is only 25 discs, so if there’s enough people looking for a disc or two I can place an order right away.

Pricing for Millennium should be:

  • Millennium Plastic (also HyzerBomb Base): $13.99 + tax = $15.67
  • Quantum Plastic: $16.99 + tax = $19.03
  • Sirius Plastic (also HyzerBomb Frontline): $18.99 + tax = $21.27
  • Flak bags would be based on TCO not MSRP, estimate of $250-275 depending on shipping and colour.