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Island Summer Series Finale @ Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary

We’ll be on location on Saturday at Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary for the Island Summer Series Finale, hope to see you there!

In case you’re having difficulty reading the poster:

  • On site camping Fri. Sept 23 (pre-reg through http://www.sidgs.org/tournament.html), $10
  • Mini Glow Golf (for Campers only)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available (pre-order: http://www.sidgs.org/tournament.html)
  • Cash Only*
  • Proceeds support Mary’s Farm & Sanctuary
  • 1128 Finlayson Arm Rd

Registration opens on Saturday @ 8:30am
Player’s meeting @ 9:30am
Tee off at 10am

2 Rounds of 18

On Location: Penticton

I’ll be heading up to Penticton on Friday evening (may not make it all the way there Friday). I am planning to travel a little lighter (800-1,000 discs) than normal (1,200-1,400 discs) to make the drive more pleasant. That does mean that I should have room for a passenger if anyone didn’t get into Duck Golf and wants to head to Penticton.

If you’re in the Penticton area and want to shop, the on-line store currently has a “Pick-up in Penticton” option, which would allow you to get free shipping at least to the golf course in Penticton.

Anyway, if you’re going to be at Mayhem at the Meadows and are looking for something specific, please request it in advance so that I can be sure to bring it with me, as 30-50% of my inventory will not be with me on this trip. Note: Bags, hats, shirts, minis, and other accessories are not currently in the on-line inventory, so request away, they may be in stock.

On Location: Pender

Tomorrow is a travel day, although if everything goes according to plan I’ll be at the Pender Island Golf & Country Club at check-in. I am playing at the event, so the majority of my discs will be travelling to the Am courses.

If you’re not getting personalized service on Pender, expect response times to be longer this weekend, and new orders will not ship until next week.

On Location: Ogopogo Open

We’ll be on location at the Ogopogo Open today and Sunday. I’m staying in town and not at Myra Canyon, so if you’re not at the event you can maybe make arrangements to meet up with me elsewhere. I am playing in the event, so sales will be limited to before, after and during breaks at the event.

I’ve got about 1,200 discs with me on the trip and some bags, towels, minis and other things. You can browse at http://beta.disccellar.ca/ but I’ve got more stock than can travel with me, so the full online inventory will not be available on site.

On Location: Nationals

This probably comes as no surprise, but The Disc Cellar is one of major sponsors of Nationals that’s happening this week. As part of our support we’re going to be on location as much as possible. (If there’s anyone who’s interested in being a satellite Disc Cellar location at one of the other locations let us know and we’ll hook you up).


  • 1:00-5:30pm: trying to make it happen (unsure at this point)
  • 5:30-7:00pm: confirmed at QE


  • 9am-6pm: Langley (uncomfirmed)


  • 9am-6pm: Langley (confirmed)


  • 6am-ish-4pm: QE (confirmed)


It may not be possible, but if someone orders something through our beta online store, we’ll try to arrange next day delivery to the course.

On Location: Jericho tomorrow

Not to steal the thunder which is Canadian Nationals or the BC Open (both which have registration open now), but tomorrow I’ll be on site at Jericho probably from about 9:30-4:00 at the Vibram Birdie Bash. I’m expecting rain, so I’ll have fewer discs than normal to accommodate the tent and other rain gear. Should still have 500-800 discs though.

Feel free to stop in and shop.

p.s. we can probably sneak you into the Vibram Birdie Bash as well.