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More MVP?

Looks like MVP has a new disc that they are launching (availability starting Oct 4th) the Resistor in Neutron plastic (overstable fairway driver).  Are people excited about it?  Should I be trying to bring it in for launch day?

Something else I’ve been thinking about for new disc launches (regardless of manufacturer) is bringing in some of the new disc, and getting a field somewhere where people could try it out.  Maybe charge people $1-5 to come and test out the new disc, and then afterwards do a draw for the 2-5 test discs that we used.  Is that something that people would be interested in?

If we do bring in some new MVP stuff, the options would be:

Proton: Amp, Anode, Axis, Ion, Resistor, Shock, Tangent, Tensor, Vector, Volt

Neutron: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector, Volt

Eclipse Glow: Anode, Anode (soft), Axis, Ion, Ion (soft), Tangent, Vector

Nano: Proton, Neutron or Eclipse Glow (new)

They also have Vinyl stickers, patches and gyro wristbands.

I’m happy to bring it in, if people are interested.  But if there’s no built up demand, we’ll go through some of that incoming Innova stock and add Latitude 64 before replenishing MVP.


Langley Duck Golf: CFR Order

The Langley Disc Golf Club is putting together an order of Custom Fund Raising discs using the Innova CFR Program.  The generous support of Innova through this program is helping Langley to pay for the course upgrades that they are making:

  • new concrete pads
  • new baskets
  • extra pin locations
  • new course layout

Keep in mind these are “fundraiser” discs which will be custom stamped and in mold/plastic combinations which are not normally available.  I believe they are pricing the plastic at $25/disc (the Atlas may go for $30).

Final order is being confirmed, but it may include (only 25 of each):

Champion Glow (Custom Stamp):

  • Boss (170-5)
  • Destroyer (165-75)
  • Firebird (170-5)
  • Gator (170-5)
  • Leopard (151-75)
  • Wraith (165-75)
  • Cobra w/ stock mini swoosh stamp

Overmold (Custom Stamp):

  • Atlas (170-80)

LDGC: Summer is Coming