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DGA and the Basket restock begins!

About 3 weeks before our move we sold out of baskets, and we didn’t restock because we were moving. But now that we’ve figured out how much storage space we have, and we’re done moving, it’s time to restock.

First up DGA baskets! We’re restocking, and increasing our variety. We’re restocking our regular Mach Lite selection (the best fabric basket on the market), and adding the all metal M-14 and fully galvanized Mach II portable to our basket line-up.

We will also be restocking the full line of DGA discs, including some new limited editions. Expect to see those in the shop by the end of the month. Not to worry, even though they aren’t on the poster the Signature Line Gumbputts and Blowflys are still available. The Disc Cellar continuing to bring the best baskets and discs to the Canadian market!

DGA Simplify Your Game

Baskets, Innova and Discmania

So it’s that time of year again when giant shipments of discs come my way. The next one is from Innova (who sell Discmania in North America). So if anyone has special requests for discs, molds, weights or what have you, something that I don’t normally stock, or whatever now’s the time to get the request in.

This is also the time to request Innova bags, hats, shirts, stickers, pencils, towels, bottle openers, PDGA rulebooks and other assorted accessories.

At the moment, I’m bringing in 25 or so baskets, primarily pre-sold DISCatcher Pros, but I will also be adding DISCatcher Sports, Travellers and Skill Shots into inventory. If you’re looking for a practice basket, now’s going to be the best time to buy an Innova one (at least until the Canadian dollar rebounds). If you pre-order pre-pay there are deals to be had on baskets. Also, if you’re wanting a Traveller or Skill Shot, now’s the time to request specific colours (same goes for Mini Baskets).

Want something in StarLite, or I-Dye, maybe you need some stock DX Glo, or a new bag insert. Need a half dozen new KC or Yeti Aviars to take your practice to the next level? Anyway, you get the idea.

Christmas Basket?

Anyone need a real Christmas Basket? Orders are going in the next day or two, so if you want a basket for Christmas now is the time to get the order in.

In stock: Innova DISCatcher Sport ($224)

Available to order for Christmas:

  • DGA M-14 Portable ($168)
  • DGA Mach Lite Portable ($196) [Red or Blue]
  • DGA Mach II Portable ($275)
  • DGA Mach V ($360/no frills, $400/deluxe or portable)
  • DGA Mach III ($420/no frills, $460/deluxe or portable)
  • DGA Mach X ($490/no frills, $525/deluxe or portable)

Also available for order:

  • Innova Traveller ($168)
  • Innova Skillshot ($168)
  • Innova DISCatcher Sport ($224)
  • Innova DISCatcher Pro ($476)
  • Innova Mini Basket ($111)

Out of Stock

I’m conflicted about “Out of Stock” on the one hand it’s nice to have sold out of something, at the same time it means I don’t have any more. Well that’s happened with a few things today: baskets.

I’m now out of Park & Sun baskets (don’t know if I’ll be able to restock), I also don’t have any Innova DISCatcher Pro’s in stock. Which means the only basket that I currently have in stock is the Innova DISCatcher Sport.

I guess that means it’s time to order some baskets! If you’re looking for a basket, let me know and I’ll make sure that I bring in one for you.

Surprise: Gateway shipment coming!

This one has all come together rather quickly, but there will shortly be a truck load of Gateway arriving, featuring 19 portables and 200 discs.  The discs include all of the assorted varieties of putters that they currently make including Glow Wizards, Magic, Voodoo and Warlocks.

The shipment is scheduled to arrive just before the DCO, but as with all cross-border shipping dates they are approximate.

Assuming that it all does come together in time, you will be using the new portables during the DCO, and I think you’ll like them!

Gateway Titan Pro Portable