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Prodiscus Order – about to ship

Getting this order finalized has taken a lot longer than I expected, but it’s just about there.  So if anyone has any final requests, get them in ASAP.  Limited availability of the ProBag 30+, but all colours of the ProBag 20+ should be in stock from Prodiscus to order.

I’m not overstocking on the bags, I’m bringing in maybe an extra bag or two, but otherwise the bags I’m bringing in are pre-sold.

I am bringing in a few of their discs at the same time, but not a huge quantity, so if there’s something you want, let me know so that I bring in enough of them for you.

Projected prices for the bags are ProBag 20+ ($275), ProBag 30+ ($320).  Haven’t brought in any of their products yet, so there might be some shipping related surprises, but I’ll honour those prices if you pre-order.  If the price goes down once their here, I’ll refund the difference.

Prodiscus Approved

So I have been approved to bring in Prodiscus discs and bags.  So far I have a pending order for 1 ProBag 30+.  I don’t have an exact cost on these yet, as they are shipping from Europe — and quotes are in euros — but assuming the exchange rate doesn’t change dramatically you’re looking at between $300-350 for the ProBag 30+ after taxes.  The ProBag 20+ should come in at $20-30 cheaper.

If you’re interested in one of these let me know ASAP.  Although the order will not go in until after the DCO.


Another customer, another special request.  I’m now reaching out to Prodiscus (based in Finland) to see if I am able to bring in their bags specifically (ProBag 20+, ProBag 30+), although presumably if I can bring in their bags I could bring in their discs (JOKERi, MIDARi, LASERi, LEGENDa, RESPECTi, Slaidi).

Sometimes these conversations take a while, so I’ll let you know when I know more.

In case it wasn’t obvious, if there’s something out there that you want, I’m happy to try to bring it in for you.