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Prodigy PAR2 April 22nd: Registration Open NOW

Prodigy PAR2

‘Tis the season of manufacturer events. This one is unique in that the discs are GLOW. You get your option of playing a day round or an evening round or both. Each round is 18 shortened holes such that they are “par 2’s”. Unlike some other events, you putt out each hole. Lowest total round score wins.

The afternoon and evening sessions are separate, and include their own prizes. If you want to play both sessions, it costs only another $5. If you want to play additional rounds in either the afternoon or evening sessions in order to improve your score, they are $5 each.

Register Now

Squamish Open TOMORROW

We’re a little over half full for the Squamish Open tomorrow, you can still register online tonight until 6pm, and then you can register on location tomorrow morning as well (there’s an extra $5 charge for that).

Draft course map is:Squamish Open Map

Amateur and Junior pads may be added.

Reminder this is the second lower mainland event in the Left Coast Cup and the third overall.

Day of Registration: Roctoberfest presented by Innova

We’re still a go for today, but we’re not full. So day of registration is available. Keep in mind day of registration costs $5 more than the on-line pre-registration.

We’ve also been advised that the Township may close the park, at this point it is not closed, so we are moving ahead normally. However if the park is closed, the event will be halted or cancelled. Based on the forecast we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to avoid all of that, but it is a possibility.

So long as the Township does not close the park, we will be playing. We may alter the course to accommodate the conditions.

If you are registering this morning, you will be able to do so between 9-9:30am, with the player’s meeting at 9:30 and the first round starting at 10am.

Trilogy Challenge TOMORROW

There’s still room for the Trilogy Challenge tomorrow at Mundy Park, you can continue to register on-line until midnight tonight. Or you can register in person tomorrow (costs an extra $5). It’s a rain or shine event, hope to see you there!

There's also still room for Roctoberfest next weekend, which has an even bigger player's package (less discs, more stuff).

MVP Circuit Update

Current registration is 21/30 spots filled for the event, so if you want to guarantee yourself a spot, register ASAP (also you save $5 over the day of registration). List of registered players.

Format: depending on weather and course conditions we will be playing the 10 recreational pads, followed by 10 additional holes using either the recreational pads or the alternate pads. If course conditions/weather make some of the alternate pads inappropriate those holes will either be skipped or played from the recreational pads. We will not be playing a second round, although if participants are interested we can do a break and reseed people after the first 10 holes.

There has been a shipping hiccup, which means that the MVP Circuit discs will be here on time, but the restocking order with lots of other goodies will not arrive until Tuesday.

Burnaby Duck Golf Updates

There have been some people dropping out of Burnaby Duck, both who were in the event and who were on the waiting list, so your position and status may have changed. Please check the current list of register players to verify.

Additionally, the previously offered division of Amateur Advanced Grandmaster (MG1) will be offered, so if you’re eligible and want to move to that division send us an email requesting the change.

Registration Problems?

There have been a few reported issues with registration, specifically the page not being available to some people on some platforms. This probably just means that you need to clear the browser cache.

That said, the goal of pre-registration is not to exclude people for frustrating technical issues which might be complex and time consuming to resolve. If you find yourself having technical problems during registration, email registration@disccellar.ca and I will treat the time stamp of that email as the time of your registration. We can then work together to resolve the issues you are having.

In practical terms what this means is that the count of spots available may not be 100% accurate, so as we start to run out of spots, there’s a danger that someone who receives a confirmation message as being in the event will instead be moved to the waiting list. To avoid that issue, I have removed a few spots from the registration at this point. As such it is more likely that someone falsely gets on the waiting list than the other way around.

Once the technical issues resolve themselves I’ll release those additional spots, and if there is a waiting list at that time immediately put those players into the event.

Duck Golf Burnaby Registration @ 8pm

If you’re looking to register for Duck Golf #3: Burnaby, you’re in the right place. Registration opens tonight at 8pm.

We had hoped through our support of the event to split it into an Amateur day and a Pro day. That has not happened at this time, but may still be possible. So I would encourage everyone who is interested in participating in registering even after the event fills up, so that the true demand for the event is known. We will work with the event organizers and the BCDS to accommodate as many event participants as possible.

Also, when receiving a refund, you receive 100% of the amount you paid, including all fees, etc…

MVP Circuit: Registration

Registration for the MVP Circuit is now open. It’s another event where the player’s package has a retail value of nearly twice the cost of the event. Only 35 spots available. You can buy a player’s package even if you cannot attend.

Note: confirmation email incorrectly lists the event date as the 12th instead of the 26th. This is an error, Saturday the 26th is the correct date.