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Las Vegas Challenge

Good luck to all the Canadians playing in the Las Vegas Challenge this week, and a special good luck to Michael Ramanauskas, Team Disc Cellar member and the artist behind the Exobot.

I’m sure we’re missing some, but here’s standings so far through 1 round (https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/34119)

Pro Masters 40+

Pro Masters Women 40+

Pro Masters 50+


Advanced Women

Amateur Masters 40+

Amateur Masters Women 50+


Recreational Women


And on the National Tour side of things (https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/33918)


Open Women

Congratulations Team!

Team members: Michael Ramanauskas (2nd MM1), Theo Brown (1st MA1), Sarah Hokom (FPO)
Team members: Michael Ramanauskas (2nd MM1), Theo Brown (1st MA1), Sarah Hokom (FPO)

Great showing by the team this weekend! Congratulations to all the winners from the BC Open. Quick recap of the team performance:

  • Open Women (FPO): 1st place, Sarah Hokom
  • Grandmasters (MPG): 5th place, Dan Laitsch
  • Advanced (MA1): 1st place, Theo Brown (unofficial round ratings of 994, 993 and 981); those are some stellar rounds to start his PDGA rating with; 10 stroke victory.
  • Advanced Women (FA1): 1st place, Jordan Bernelot Moens; 22 stroke victory and 3 rounds above rating (886, 934 and 902/ +43, +91, +59)
  • Advanced Masters (MM1): 2nd place, Michael Ramanauskas; 1 stroke back and 3 rounds above rating (918, 953, 966/ +14, +49, +62)
Sarah Hokom with her 1st Place FPO - BC Open 2017 trophy
Sarah Hokom with her 1st Place FPO – BC Open 2017 trophy

BC Open is here, good luck to all competitors

There’s some 177 people playing 3 courses in and around Langley today. The event is being organized by others and we’re just a small event sponsor. We do however have a number of sponsored player’s in the event.

For the event we’re cheering a little bit harder for:

  • Daniel Laitsch (16032) MPG – 3rd after Day 1
  • Theo Brown (94691) MA1 – 1st after Day 1
  • Jordan Bernelot Moens (86370) FA1 – 1st after Day 1
  • Michael Ramanauskas (65898) MM1 – 2nd after Day 1
  • Sarah Hokom (34563) FPO – 1st after Day 1 – team member for the weekend

May everyone throw well, be happy with their rounds and exceed their ratings (which I believe is unfortunately mathematically impossible based on how the PDGA calculates ratings).

Here’s some photos of some of our sponsored players goofing around during practice rounds.

Roctoberfest presented by Innova: Final Results

Final results are posted on the PDGA web site: Roctoberfest presented by Innova. If you were a participant please double check to make sure that your PDGA number (if you have one) is not missing. Also please verify that your total score is in fact accurate.

Congratulations goes first and foremost to all participants for braving the scary forecast to play in totally reasonable conditions. Thank you to Innova for sponsoring the event and the great player’s packages! Also thank you to The Disc Cellar for organizing the event and the Left Coast Cup series.

The next Left Coast Cup series event is:

  • Mayhem at the Meadows in Penticton (29 Oct 2016) registration open now
  • the Squamish Open in Squamish (19 Nov 2016) registration open probably later this week

Series points will be tabulated and posted later this week.

Winners for the day were:

  • MPO: Miguel Alvarado
  • MA1: Brett Hislop
  • MM1: Michael Ramanauskas (Disc Cellar sponsored player)
  • MG1: Rob Gillette
  • MA2: Christian Tasse
  • FA2: Robin Darling
  • MA3: Bryan Smith
  • MA4: Thiago Crevatin Azevedo
  • MJ4: Ezekiel Salmon

Thank you to everyone who helped verify scores, moved baskets, did course maps, flagged the course, etc… Disc Golf events are not possible without you, you’re AWESOME!

2015 BC Provincials: Results & Housekeeping

If you were an event participant you’ve probably already received an email with the following information, but in the event that you did not receive that email.


The following message is being forwarded to you on behalf of John Bowers, Tournament Manager of the 2015 BC Provincials.

To: all registered players of the recent 2015 BC Provincials

The results from the 2015 British Columbia Provincial Championship are posted here:


If you think your score was different than what appears on the website, it may be that the total of one of your rounds was added incorrectly, as there were a number of such scorecard errors.  Under the PDGA rules (805.02), a two stroke penalty is added to the correct total score in these instances.

Lost and Found:
  • Lost: a wallet / mini clip.  If you found this, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the player to whom it belongs.
  • Found: a grey jacket, brand “Columbia”; also a black umbrella.  If either of these are yours, contact me to describe and arrange to pick up.
Thank You!

Thanks again to all of the sponsors, listed below, whose funding and merchandise added to the prizes.  The prize payout percentage for Pro and Amateur divisions both exceeded 100% of the net entry fees.  (Net entry fees = entry fee minus greens fee and PDGA fee.)

Thanks also to the volunteers, organizers and all of the players who helped make this event so successful.

John Bowers, Tournament Manager


I’d like to add my thanks to everyone who contributed to the event, I had a great time despite the weather. If you have questions or concerns about your scores on the PDGA website (including incorrect or missing PDGA numbers), you should first address those with the Tournament Manager/Director. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can then escalate to me as the PDGA rep for BC, but the TD is your first step.

If you didn’t manage to get yourself one of the beautiful Provincial discs, there are more still available (everything except Gators), they will be listed on the Disc Cellar’s online store by colour and weight this weekend. Thank you again to Michael Ramanauskas of Washline for the design. We also have some minis left over, if you need another one.

I’ll also add that if you have the opportunity to thank a sponsor for contributing to an event please do so. It provides a tangible recognition that their sponsorship was recognized and appreciated.