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Black Friday

We’ve got some great deals going on Friday-Monday for Black Friday/Cyber Monday/American Thanksgiving. The following deals are on all weekend, or until we run out. Other offers will pop-up over the course of the weekend. So check back often or follow us on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to new posts.


  • All Vibram discs 15% off
  • All Legacy discs 15% off
  • All DGA discs 15% off
  • All Prodigy discs 20% off
  • Innova Ornaminis 50% off


  • Latitude 64 E3 Deluxe Backpack 20% off
  • MVP Voyager Backpack $40 off


  • Most in stock baskets 5% off

Check out all the active deals in our Black Friday collection.

Gateway Stacks (Promotion)

It comes as no surprise that practice helps us improve our Disc Golf game. If practice drives you, but you don’t have enough equipment, or the right equipment. Here’s your chance! Introducing Gateway Stacks.

So how’s it work? Buy more, save more! We’re essentially sold out of all our Gateway stock, so we’re restocking, and since we’re restocking anyway, we’re giving you the chance to stock up too!

We’ve set up the ability to pre-order stacks of Magics, Voodoos, Warlocks and Wizards easily, if you want to buy a stack of another Gateway disc, email us and we’ll accommodate you. You have until noon PDT, 29 Jun 2016 to do your pre-order.

Discounts are as follows:

  • 3 Disc Stack: 5.02%
  • 5 Disc Stack: 7.95%
  • 10 Disc Stack: 11.3% (essentially buy 9, get one free)
  • 20 Disc Stack: 15.48% (essentially buy 16.5, get 3.5 free)
  • 30 Disc Stack: 20.50% (essentially buy 22, get 8 free)

We’re highlighting the main Gateway putters because their our most popular sellers, but we’ll extend this offer to the rest of their line-up, email us and we’ll hook you up.

  • Putt and Approach: Devilhawk, Warspear, Chief, Chief OS, Shaman (and of course, Magic, Voodoo, Warlock and Wizard)
  • Midrange: Mystic, Element, Scout, Karma, Warrior, Blaze, Demon
  • Fairway and Drivers: Sabre, Assassin, Apache, Samurai, Rage, Illusion, Slayer, Spirit

Make this the summer where you take practice seriously.

Gateway Stacks


These are pre-orders, we’ll order after the cut-off, so discs should be here the first week of July.

Boxing Week: Day 1

Our Boxing Week sale is now live, we’re going for a week instead of just a couple of days. We’ll be adding new specials everyday, so check back daily.

All week: FREE Shipping with orders $75 or more

Day 1: Gateway discs 40% off (and for the rest of the week)
Day 2: ?
Day 3: ?
Day 4: ?
Day 5: ?
Day 6: ?
Day 7: ?

We’ll start all the new offers at noon, so that people can sleep in and not miss out. All of them will be active for at least 24 hours (or while supplies last), with some running all week. Get while the getting’s good!