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Mary’s Farm – full-ish

So we’re recounting our player’s packages to see how much space (if any) we have left. It won’t be a lot, maybe 4 spaces. We have a plan in place to allow people who show up to be able to participate, but you will not be using the players package discs, they will be a different 3 discs once we sell out).

See you there, we’ll have discs on site, not planning to bring bags or accessories. Only planning to bring regular Trilogy with us due to space constraints. So if you want 150 class, glow, flex plastics (fluid, frost, elasto), air plastics or other brands ask us to bring them, or order them online for delivery to Mary’s.

Here’s the current list:

  1. Al Gauch
  2. Alexander Tiffin
  3. Andrew Downing
  4. Bruce ?
  5. Bruce Turner
  6. Chad Ellis
  7. Chad Kaila
  8. Chad Kaila
  9. Chad Kaila
  10. Chad Kaila
  11. Chris Sutherland
  12. Colin Filliter
  13. Dan Walker
  14. Dave Wight
  15. Doug Kimola
  16. Eric Vanderwekken
  17. Evan Eyles
  18. Geoff MacIver
  19. Geordie Murray
  20. Gordon Murphy
  21. Graham Garlick
  22. Gryphon Vester
  23. Hugh Lambert
  24. Ian Morrow
  25. James Burgess
  26. Jason Girdham
  27. Jason Girdham
  28. Jeremy Smith
  29. Joe Landell
  30. John Keifer
  31. Jordan Mildenberger
  32. Josh Evans
  33. Josie Lockey
  34. Josie Lockey
  35. Kaleb Graham
  36. Kaleigh Barton
  37. Manuel Saint Denis
  38. Matt Dixon
  39. Matt Parten
  40. Mike Calvert
  41. Morgan Boghean
  42. Nicholas Benn
  43. Owen Stearns-Smith
  44. Paco Klein
  45. Patrick Burley
  46. Robert Thomas
  47. Sarah Peek
  48. Sean Smith
  49. Steve Slavik
  50. Theo Brown
  51. Tobin Eyles

Trilogy Challenges

We’ve got two Trilogy Challenges coming up, this Saturday in Chilliwack, and Oct 14th at Mary’s Farm. They are two very different events, but here’s something things you should know:

  1. Registration is still open, and will be until the Thursday before the event, at which point online registration closes, if the event(s) aren’t full day of registration will be available (but there is a $5 surcharge for day of registration)
    1. Chilliwack
    2. Mary’s Farm (Victoria)
  2. Chilliwack, we’ll be playing 18 holes of golf as our competitive round to determine the division winners. There will an optional additional 9 afterwards, possibly as a doubles round. Online registration is: $35; day of: $40. Start: 10:30am.
  3. Mary’s Farm, we’ll be playing 2 rounds of golf ~ 36 holes to determine winners (divisions may be offered, depending on registration numbers and diversity). $10 from your entry free goes to support Mary’s Farm. Online registration is: $40; day of: $45. Start: 9:30am.
  4. We’ve ordered players packages already for the events, when we ordered Dynamic was completely out of medium shirts, so anyone who ordered a medium shirt as part of their player’s package will get a different size. Other shirts were in stock, but have already been ordered, so all sizes may not still be available. Shirts will be distributed based on registration order, so the earlier you register the more likely you are to get the right size.
  5. Player’s package is 3 discs, a mini, pencil, scorecard and tee shirt
  6. Grand prize is a DyeMax Champion disc
  7. Additional prizes are a mini recruit basket, a micro recruit basket, and $100 plus in additional prizes
  8. Free delivery of additional items purchased through The Disc Cellar at the event if purchased by the Thursday prior to the event.

Registration lists are being manually maintained, but are currently accurate at 25 and 15 people respectively. Hope to see you there.

Upcoming Events: Ace Race, MVP Circuit, Trilogy Challenge x 2

We’ve got a lot of events coming up in the next few weeks, here’s a quick chronological summary:

Robert Burnaby Ace Race – Aug 27

This one is in conjunction with Ramham Entertainment who are running the show, we’re just support. There are 34 people pre-registered so far, with 7 spots available. Day of registration will be $40 instead of the pre-registration $35. You can register now.

Quilchena MVP Circuit – Sep 9

Registration for this one is through the MVP Circuit Events website: http://www.mvpcircuitevents.com/events/mvp-circuit-presented-by-the-disc-cellar/

Chilliwack Trilogy Challenge – Sep 30

This is a good excuse to make the trip to Chilliwack to check out the new course. Registration is through shop.disccellar.ca: https://shop.disccellar.ca/collections/events/products/trilogy-challenge-chilliwack-sep-30-2017

Mary’s Farm Trilogy Challenge – Oct 14

Mary’s Farm is always popular, one of of sponsored player’s Theo Brown is running this one. Registration is through shop.disccellar.ca: https://shop.disccellar.ca/collections/events/products/trilogy-challenge-marys-farm-oct-14-2017

Trilogy Challenge TOMORROW

There’s still room for the Trilogy Challenge tomorrow at Mundy Park, you can continue to register on-line until midnight tonight. Or you can register in person tomorrow (costs an extra $5). It’s a rain or shine event, hope to see you there!

There's also still room for Roctoberfest next weekend, which has an even bigger player's package (less discs, more stuff).

Mundy Park Trilogy Challenge: 08 Oct 2016

Trilogy Challenge 2016 Player's Package

The Disc Cellar is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Trilogy Challenge event at Mundy Park on Saturday, 08 Oct 2016 with player pack distribution starting at 10am, and the event starting approximately 10:30am.

For your $35 entry fee you get 3 discs (putter, midrange and driver) and an opportunity to take home one of the big prizes. Division prizes will depend on the normal divisions of those who register, but we’re planning for: Top Overall (Advanced/Pro), Top Amateur (Intermediate or below), Top Woman, Top Beginner (self-identified) and Top Junior. Additional prizes may be awarded.

We will be playing 18 holes (2 x recreational course) and then the top 4 players in each division will play another 9 holes. There will be an instructional clinic after the event for anyone who wants to stay, and The Disc Cellar will be open after the clinic for anyone who wants to browse our full selection. Register through our online store. Even if you can’t attend, you can purchase a player’s package for later pick-up or to have shipped to you.

Day of registration will be available if we still have packages left, but will cost $40.

Trilogy Challenge tomorrow at RB

The Trilogy Challenge course at Robert Burnaby for tomorrow has now been marked. The Disc Cellar will be on site tomorrow selling other discs as well. We’ll be getting started about 10:30am, and will probably end up finishing in about 2 hours, maybe a little longer if we end up with a bunch of last minute registrations.

The course layout is as follows:

  1. Regular 1 – 1 bonus zone
  2. Regular 2 – 2  bonus zones
  3. Regular 3 – 2 bonus zones
  4. Regular 4 – 1 bonus zone
  5. Regular 5 – 1 bonus zone [shared with 4] (double the regular metal bonus as well)
  6. Regular 6 – 2 bonus zones, far one of them is double points
  7. Regular 7 – 1 bonus zone
  8. Regular 8 – 3 bonus zones
  9. Regular 9 – CTP (shared with 19)
  10. Regular 10 – 2 bonus zones
  11. To 1 basket from the bridge – 1 bonus zone
  12. Regular 2 – 2 bonus zones
  13. Long 3 – 2 bonus zones
  14. Long 4 – 1 bonus zone
  15. Regular 5 – 1 bonus zone [shared with 4] (double the regular metal bonus as well)
  16. Regular 6 – 2 bonus zones, far one of them is double points
  17. Regular 7 – 1 bonus zone
  18. Long 8 – 3 bonus zones
  19. Long 9 – CTP (shared with 9)
  20. To practice basket from 10 teepad – 2 bonus zones

So you’re probably a little confused about this talk of “bonus zones”. We’re trying something out to keep this event fun for everyone. The overall winner (-s if we end up with multiple divisions, which at this point aren’t planned based on registration numbers), will be score based and will get first pick of the prizes.

After the event, the remaining prizes will be distributed via a lottery. You get one ticket for each “bonus zone” that you land in, a double points zone gets you 2 tickets. Hitting metal gets you 5 tickets (on your drive only), hitting metal on 5/15 on your drive gets you 10. Any ace automatically wins you a prize.

Some zones are distributed in places where a good shot should land in them, others are common landing areas or bad spots to be. So you can strategically play for lottery prizes if you want.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. All zones are marked, and the hope is that it keeps it fun for everyone, especially those who don’t feel they have a chance to compete on a pure score basis.

If you’re coming, it’s recommended that you register online, so that we hold a player’s package for you, otherwise, it’s first come first serve tomorrow.

Red flags mark the front 10, yellow flags the back 10. Zones are painted.

Trilogy Challenge 12 Sept 2015

This is turning out to be a busy weekend, with the Nesters Liquor Store Throwdown 2 at the Whistler RV Park, and the 75th Anniversary of QE Park on Sunday. Well there’s one more to add to the mix:

Burnaby Trilogy Challenge presented by The Disc Cellar

The Trilogy Challenge is an event brought to you by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64 and Westside Discs. All players receive a player’s package (worth $60+) consisting of:

  • 1 x Westside Discs Elasto Sampo [Driver: 10, 5, 0, 2]; value $22 + tax
  • 1 x Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence [Midrange: 5, 5, -1, 0]; value $22 + tax
  • 1 x Latitude 64 Retro Macana [Putter: 2, 5, 0, 1]; value: $12 + tax
  • 1 x Trilogy Challnge mini
  • 1 x Mini clipboard
  • 1 x Mini Sharpie
  • 1 x Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

We’re keeping things simple, and will be doing a single round of 18-20 holes at Robert Burnaby. There should be plenty of prizes to distribute and depending on the registration composition we may have multiple divisions.

Registration is open now. If you are unable to attend the event but want the player’s package, that’s totally fine. Attendance is not required to receive the player’s package.

Full Event Information

Expect a few more event announcements in the coming days: MVP Circuit event, plus another Okanagan event.

Club Partners?

In addition to The Disc Cellar Open we’re hoping to bring a number of other events to BC this year.  We’re looking for Club’s to partner with in order to make this happen.  What that probably looks like is The Disc Cellar dealing with the registration, ordering, shipping, player’s packages and all of that stuff.  While the Club offers up a course and does local promotion of the event, with some day of setup and take down.

Here’s a list of the 4 main events that we’d like to see happen, let us know if you’re interested:

Trilogy Challenge

To be held sometime between May 31st and August 22nd.  Here’s what the player’s get:

  • Unreleased Dynamic Discs Driver
  • Unreleased Latitude 64 Midrange
  • Unreleased Westside Discs Putter
  • Trilogy Mini
  • Trilogy Lanyard
  • Trilogy Bag Tag
  • Trilogy Koozie
  • Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

More information: http://trilogychallenge.com/

Discraft Ace Race

To be held sometime between August 1st and October 31st.  This is the original of this type of event, and we’ve run one in Burnaby for 8 years now.  That said, it doesn’t have to stay in Burnaby…

This one has the most clearly defined format, you’re just going for Aces on a shortened course.

Player’s will get:

  • 2 prototype discs, same mold, sometimes in different plastics
  • usually a mini of some sort
  • some other accessories

Vibram Birdie Bash

To be held between March 1 and June 1.  You get to select your Vibram discs, and you’re trying to get birdies or less, doesn’t have to be Aces.

Player’s get:

  • 2 Vibram golf discs (their choice)
  • 1 Vibram DG Dri fit
  • 1 Vibram mini & sticker
  • 1 Vibram towel

There are also lots of prizes: champion disc, spirit award disc, round card prizes and CTPs.

Battle of the Aces

To be held sometime that fits well in the regular event schedule.  Rules are essentially the same as the Ace Race.  This is a Legacy Discs event.

Player’s get:

  • 2 premium discs
  • 1 dri-fit shirt
  • 2 wristbands
  • 2 stickers
  • 1 Bearded Brothers bar


So clubs, or individuals, if you’re interested in helping host one of these events this year, let us know and we’ll make it happen!