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VCobra: Initial reactions Michael Ramanauskas

Star VCobra

A couple days ago I found myself holding a neon pink 180 Star VCobra (5/5/-1/2) in my hand and wondering why it felt a bit odd as a mid-range. While Innova is trying some new technological adaptations with their Vtec rims (like the VRoc), sometimes you have to wonder why they are aiming to improve on a much loved disc in the first place?

I didn’t have that problem. I have never thrown a Cobra, had never intended to and am pretty happy with my bag as it is… I am a Roc guy after all.

Initially, my reaction to this oddly rimmed hunk of plastic was one of “Not sure, this seems gimmicky and is basically a beaded putter profile” and then I threw it.

I threw it every time I would normally throw a Roc or any shot between 60-250 feet. And after 36 holes, I was actually quite impressed. This disc will hold a straight line on a drive, and not the turn right/fade back left kind of straight… just straight until the end with a bit of fade to finish. Put a bit of extra snap of it, and you’ll get a nice anhyzer line that holds. Headwind? Sure, why not? While I didn’t throw it in super high wind, the 10-15km gust I threw it into didn’t seem to matter. Tomahawks and forehands worked predictably as well.

Oh, glide… lots of glide. Surprisingly, lots of glide. When throwing a shot that would normally drop with my Roc, this disc just went a bit farther, kept gliding and then decided to settle down (in a good way).

Because the underside of the wing is convex instead of concave, there is more plastic in the rim. Add to that the bead and you have a solid disc that doesn’t deform due to torsion when you snap it hard.

Will this disc replace a Roc in my bag? No, but it will make a nice addition to my bag regardless.

Michael Ramanauskas is a member of Team Disc Cellar and the owner of DoubleRam Disc and  Washline.com, and is responsible for multiple custom stamps including: the 2015 30th Anniversary Provincial Disc Golf Championships, 2014 DCO (Disc Cellar Open) and the “Smokom” Sarah Hokom signature stamp.

This review was original written in mid-December, but somehow we managed to forget to post it.

Innova Star VCobra, who wants one?

It’s REVIEW time, well not yet, but soon. It’s been a busy year for Innova with plenty of new discs being released as well as the expansion of the GStar and XT product lines. Their latest disc the Star VCobra is continuing the trend of updating older molds with newer technologies and increasing the speed rating of the disc. The Cobra (only available in DX as a production model these days) is a popular model locally, so let’s put it to the test and see if Cobra owners need to get a VCobra.

The Star VCobra is currently available and in stock in both the stock model and the First Run collectible protostar.

We’ve already got a VCobra in the hands of a trusted reviewer, and now we’re going to open things up for 2 more reviewers. So comment on this post, comment or Share through social media (and tag The Disc Cellar) and you’ll get one number for each. We’ll do a draw, as seems popular through random.org, and the winners will get to answer a skill testing question.

Here’s the catch though, if you’re one of the lucky 2 people, you need to do the following things after receiving the disc:

  1. Write a first impression review of the disc once you get it in your hand, and send it to us. This doesn’t have to be scientific, just gut reaction, does it fit your hand well? Does it feel like other discs in your bag?
  2. Throw the VCobra a lot, let friends try it out
  3. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the V-Tec incorporated into the disc (assuming you can even tell)
  4. Write a review of your thoughts and experiences on the VCobra after you’ve used it a lot

Here’s the tricky part, reviews must be positive in tone.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that we don’t want to have reviews that tell us how much it sucks (if it does).  Instead, we want reviews which identify what type of player is likely to enjoy the plastic/disc/flight path/et cetera.  We realize that you might not be that player, but it’s way more helpful to identify who would benefit from this disc (if anyone).  Not all discs work for all people, but most of us can imagine who a disc might be appropriate for, or under which circumstances it would excel.

You’ll be expected to get your first review in within a week of receiving the disc, and the next two within 4 weeks of receiving the disc.

If you’re not willing to write the reviews, don’t enter the give away. The VCobra’s that we have in stock are at the heavy end 174-180g, so if you wouldn’t throw these weights probably not a good choice to review them. The goal here is to give a few people the opportunity to help the rest of the disc golf community to make an informed purchase decision on this disc.

Entry deadline: noon Dec 23, 2015

Things to remember:

  • make sure that you include your name and a valid email address when filling out the comment stuff, otherwise we won’t be able to tell you that you won, and we’ll give the prize to someone else
  • comments here are “moderated” so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear right away…
  • Although this is targeted to our customer base, so Canadians, this give away is open to anyone anywhere (unless prohibited by law)

A bit more about the VCobra, it is a midrange rated as Speed: 5, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 2 and features the V-Tec convex outer rim, which puts more weight in the rim keeping the flight flatter (and straighter) longer. The regular Cobra is Speed: 4, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, Fade: 2.

p.s. every purchase between now and January 8th, 2016 gets a chance to win a new Innova Heropack!