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Anthon Destroyers on sale at Noon PST

Our first batch of Anthon Destroyers has arrived, they will be available starting at noon PST today. We have more arriving next week (~ Wednesday). We also got our first batch of 2018 Sexton Colour Glow Firebirds, they will go on sale on Saturday at noon. If you want to get both, order your Anthon today with shipping (of a parcel type) and let us know to hold the order for the subsequent Sexton order.

Link won’t work until noon: https://shop.disccellar.ca/products/innova-destroyer-star-shimmer-josh-anthon-tour-series-2018

You can watch the unboxing video of both here:

Example photos:

Disc Golf on YouTube: Wintermans Faves

When I really committed myself to disc golf in the fall of 2010, I was a sponge for disc related footage on YouTube. Unfortunately six years ago good coverage was hard to find. Since then there’s been an explosion of the sport on-line with what seems like unlimited tournaments, interviews and video clinics. My subscription bar always seems to have new videos every day. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite, frequently updated channels and break them down in to a few categories:

Major Tournament Coverage

  • The Spin TV – Innova’s channel, tournaments, interviews, lifestyle
  • Prodigy Disc – formerly McFlySoHigh, tournaments, team and disc info
  • McFlySoHigh Video – very high quality coverage from many major past events, not updated since 2015
  • The Disc Golf Guy – mix of tournament and blog updates, interviews
  • SmashboxxTV – featuring The Disc Golf Guy: live tournament coverage, live tournament recap shows, regular Tuesday night live podcasts
  • Jomez Productions – very high quality, Southern US focus
  • Disc Golf Pro Tour – new this year, live coverage of some very big events
  • Central Coast Disc Golf – best commentary in disc golf, focus on West Coast events, in the bag, “Ask Me Anything” with top pros, Champ vs Chumps

Regional Tournament Coverage


  • DynamicDiscs – great short videos, clinics, disc comparisons, tournament previews, lifestyle
  • Latitude 64some tournament coverage, pro team in the bags, product reviews, lifestyle
  • Discraft Disc Sportshasn’t been updated in 2 years, great clinics and tutorials
  • Kastaplastdisc “explained” videos
  • LegacyDiscs – Steve Rico explaining discs and plastic
  • DGA | Disc Golf Association – clinics, thorough explanations of their products

Touring Pro Channels

  • Will Schusterick – some tournament coverage of just him, clinics, tricks, updates regularly
  • Eagle McMahon – the life of a touring teenager, updates regularly
  • Paul McBeth – hasn’t updated in a year
  • Nate Doss – infrequent updates


  • Best Disc Golf Discs – Tutorials on the science behind disc flight, very easy to follow
  • Trent Nicholl – Booom disc clothing, tournaments, promos
  • Dude – Australian clothing company with many top pros

There are many other channels out there that are worth watching, please share your favourites and why in the comments.

My personal channel is djwinter77. I don’t post disc golf videos, but you can view who I follow to click their links for easy access.

Happy watching!

Derek Putt close upDerek Wintermans is a member of Team Disc Cellar and made the trip to Amateur World’s in both 2014 & 2015 before turning Pro.