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Restocking, almost everything…

It seems like we’re constantly restocking. We have a number of restocking orders on their way, here’s a quick summary of what’s expected:



  • our first order, should include some of everything, including the brand new Stal (we’ve requested First Runs, but do not know how many we’ll receive)
  • There’s approximately 120 discs in the order spread out between the various plastics and models
  • Unboxing video planned


  • small restocking order
  • Christmas Firestorms with the contest winning stamp by DoubleRam Disc (Michael Ramanauskas), Innova’s second speed 14 driver
  • Aviar3 mini stamp
  • Something special that we’ll be announcing later, and which will get edited out of the unboxing video, it’s going to be a January release, and we think you’re really going to like it



  • basket restock (including all the Black Friday baskets), will ship same day if delivery time allows
  • Christmas discs and minis
  • More LED disc lights and basket lights (blue)
  • a few other things

Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside

  • Burst, burst and more burst, everything that has been released to wholesale so far: Judge, Warden, Pure, Dagger, Harp, Verdict? and maybe more
  • Full ZUCA restock, including the EZ Cart and the LG Cart
  • Bag restock, including cooler bags, Ranger bags, and the often asked about Trooper bag, there will also be some Boxing Day specials in the shipment
  • Marksmen baskets and a Recruit for good measure, for upcoming putting league (yet to be announced)
  • LED lights
  • Some stools
  • and more

Later in the week (we hope)


  • Colour Glow Eagle MD3
  • Glow P-Line P2 “Imperial Eagle”
  • plus some general restocking

I think that’s everything that’s on the way, but I could be wrong.

Last Chances and Some Updates

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, today is your last day to get off it and register for the Ogopogo Open this weekend in Kelowna. There’s lots of people going so you can probably carpool if that’s a deciding factor. On site camping is free, so you can keep the travel costs down.

Today is also your last chance to let us know what custom discs you’d like to see at Provincials.

We haven’t really been promoting this yet, but essentially our full disc inventory is now on-line in our store. Bags, hats, shirts, minis, stickers, etc… are not there yet, and the details and photos for the discs may be sparse, but the inventory should be accurate. Here’s where we are:

If you’re going to be in Kelowna, make your special requests today/tonight because the full inventory can’t travel with me. There may still be the odd bug in the system, but given there’s about 2,000 discs in the system hopefully you won’t encounter one. Happy shopping.

New Trilogy Releases

I haven’t been doing a good job of posting about new releases lately, despite claiming that I would. Here’s some of the most recent Trilogy (Latitude 64, Westside, and Dynamic Discs) releases:

Westside VIP Harp


Westside VIP Harp

Westside Shield
Westside Shield
Westside Harp flight chart from Inbounds Disc Golf
Westside Harp

Existing disc, new plastic. “The Harp is Westside’s most reliable approach disc. Designed to withstand any type of conditions. It will hold in the wind. For professional players this could be the only approach disc they will need to carry as it can hold anyone’s arm speed and still hyzer. For slower arms it will be your most overstable approach disc.”

Westside BT Hard Shield

“Westside’s newest putter on the market, the Shield, is the next step up from the Swan. Designed with a tacky grip in the BT plastics, the Shield is a little thicker and has a small bead on the rim. It holds a stable line when throwing as an approach and a straight line into the chains while putting. Now available in BT Hard Plastic.

Westside BT Hard HarpLatitude 64 Gold Hex Missilens

“The Missilen from Latitude 64 has been a huge hit with players and they are now releasing it in Gold Hex plastic. Along with the stock stamp (left), they are also releasing two limited edition stamps (middle and right). These two stamps are limited run.”

Latitude 64 Gold Hex Missilens

Now Three more from Dynamic Discs

Biofuzion Witness

“The Witness is a great fairway driver for players with lower arm speed. An understable flight path and tremendous glide make the Witness an excellent choice for players looking to gain distance without sacrificing accuracy. Bigger arms can use the Witness for controlled anhyzers, hyzerflips, and rollers.”Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Witness

Biofuzion Enforcer

“The Enforcer is a predictable, overstable distance driver. The Enforcer will fight the wind with the same speed and similar glide of the Trespass. The Enforcer will be a perfect overstable complement to the Trespass.”Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Enforcer

Limited Edition Dymax Fuzion Freedom

“Our 14th disc and final new release of 2014 is here. Introducing the Dynamic Discs Freedom. The Freedom is a 14 speed understable disc in the vein of the King or Havoc and the fastest that Dynamic Discs has ever produced. For the big arm throwers, this disc will go a long way on an anhyzer line with a predictable fade back to stable at the end giving easy distance on hyzer flip shots. For those with lower arm speeds, the Freedom is the long distance drive that you have been wanting and asking us to produce. This disc will sail past that spot in the fairway where you normally land. It will take your usual throw and translate it into uncommon distances. Free your shackled expectations of the distances that you can achieve!

Dynamic Discs is releasing a limited run of DyeMax Fuzion Freedoms. Only 999 of these were manufactured. Each Freedom is individually numbered on the bottom with laser engraving.”

Dynamic Discs Limited Edition Freedom

Latitude 64 Missilen
Latitude 64 Missilen
Dynamic Discs Witness
Dynamic Discs Witness
Dynamic Discs Enforcer
Dynamic Discs Enforcer

These are all new models and not currently in stock, but should mostly be available by special order.



Restocking: Latitude 64 and Westside

It’s time again for me do some restocking, first up on the block is Latitude 64 and Westside (still not going to be carrying the full line). Expectation is that I’ll be able to get these ones in for Provincials. So if you’ve got special requests get them in ASAP.

In the near term, I need to do orders with Innova, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, DGA, Millennium, MVP, Axiom and Prodigy. I’ll probably also need to do some bag restocking, as I’m running low on most bags, especially the backpack bags.

So now is the time to get those requests in. If you really want something, but can’t swing it right now, we can figure out some sort of lay away plan or something.

Lat 64, Westside and DD order

I’ll be putting in an order for Latitude 64, Westside and Dynamic Discs on Wednesday, and picking it up this weekend.  Westside and Dynamic Discs remain special order manufacturers, but I get them from the same supplier, so it’s easy for me to bring something in it at the moment.

This will be my last order from these manufacturers before Christmas, so get those orders in, or have your loved ones get those orders in on your behalf.

Every effort will be made to match colour and weight preferences.

New options from these manufacturers include:

  • Decodye River, Pure and Fuse (stock Decodye stamps), $28.00 + tax
  • Moonshine Diamond, $25.00 + tax

Latitude 64 / Dynamic Discs / Westside

Latitude 64 full line in stock.  Dynamic Discs & Westside not currently stocked, but available by special order.

Zero / Classic / BT $15.00 $16.80
Recycle Gold $16.00 $17.92
Opto / Lucid / VIP $20.00 $22.40
Gold / Fuzion / Tournament $22.00 $24.64
Moonshine $25.00 $28.00
Decodye $28.00 $31.36

Also, I’ll be announcing a promotion later today, which you can take advantage of for your special order if you make one.

New Products and Special Orders

We’re very interested in serving the needs of the Disc Golf and Disc Sports community, so if we don’t have a product you’re looking for let us know, we might be able to bring it in for you.

Some of the new products we’re researching and looking to bring in for you include:

  • Backpack bags (with GripEQ being the preferred brand, although we’ll consider others if it doesn’t work out)
  • Disc Beeper (by request)
  • Fly 18 pads
  • Westside discs
  • Vibram discs
  • Keen shoes
  • Aerobie discs
  • Friction gloves

Is there anything else we should be looking at?

Latitude 64: Approved

I’ve now been approved by the exclusive wholesaler of Latitude 64 in Canada to carry their discs.  Thank you Matt MacDonald for agreeing that we’re a good fit.

I can also bring in Dynamic Discs and Westside.

So there will be an order in the not so distant future, if there’s something that you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to bring it in for you.

Current MSRP looks to be (by plastic):

  • $15.00: Lat64 Zero, DD Classic, Westside BT
  • $16.00: Lat64 Recycle Gold
  • $20.00: Lat64 Opto, DD Lucid, Westside VIP
  • $22.00: Lat64 Gold, DD Fuzion, Westside Tournament

So these are going to be at the higher end of our price points, but from what I hear: well worth the money.

I can also bring in Latitude 64/Chain Ware bags and straps if anyone is interested.