Trilogy Challenge 2017 – Mary’s Farm


You may register through the Disc Cellar shop, if you are unable to attend you can select a shipping option to have your package delivered to you.

About this tournament

Tournament Director: Theo Brown
The 2017 Triolgy challenge is fast approaching and Marys Farm is ready to host all you disc golfers. I want this to be a beginner friendly event where we can all have a good time and enjoy a fantastic venue and awesome plastic! Hope to see you all there, if you have any questions or Ive missed anything DM me or leave a comment.
Please please please go ahead and let David at Disc Cellar know what your shirt size and what disc weights you’d by heading to: -the round format will be a standard 2 round tourney starting at approx. 9:30 for players meeting.
-divisions are looking like Open, Int and possibly Advanced depending on numbers and interest in Open.
-Cancelling the mulligans idea but still doing CTP and possibly Ring of Fire.
-the proceeds of this tournament will no longer be put to travel costs for myself but for the farm itself and baskets.
-There will be tons of PRIZES!!
-Will be working on getting 18 baskets for the day (If you can provide let me know)
Course layout:
Details not yet available.
Rules of play:
Players are required to use the player package discs, and only these discs.Lowest score in each division wins the division, and some prizes.

Registered Players

  1. Al Gauch
  2. Alexander Tiffin
  3. Andrew Downing
  4. Bruce ?
  5. Bruce Turner
  6. Chad Ellis
  7. Chad Kaila
  8. Chad Kaila
  9. Chad Kaila
  10. Chad Kaila
  11. Chris Sutherland
  12. Colin Filliter
  13. Dan Walker
  14. Dave Wight
  15. Doug Kimola
  16. Eric Vanderwekken
  17. Evan Eyles
  18. Geoff MacIver
  19. Geordie Murray
  20. Gordon Murphy
  21. Graham Garlick
  22. Gryphon Vester
  23. Hugh Lambert
  24. Ian Morrow
  25. James Burgess
  26. Jason Girdham
  27. Jason Girdham
  28. Jeremy Smith
  29. Joe Landell
  30. John Keifer
  31. Jordan Mildenberger
  32. Josh Evans
  33. Josie Lockey
  34. Josie Lockey
  35. Kaleb Graham
  36. Kaleigh Barton
  37. Manuel Saint Denis
  38. Matt Dixon
  39. Matt Parten
  40. Mike Calvert
  41. Morgan Boghean
  42. Nicholas Benn
  43. Owen Stearns-Smith
  44. Paco Klein
  45. Patrick Burley
  46. Robert Thomas
  47. Sarah Peek
  48. Sean Smith
  49. Steve Slavik
  50. Theo Brown
  51. Tobin Eyles